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I love teaching about the areas that inspire me most

As a healthcare provider, I have seen patients individually for over 15 years in private practice. As I began to see patterns and so many people who needed and wanted to hear how to improve their vitality, moods, sleep, endurance, and brain power – I decided to change my path and begin offering group classes and webinars to reach reach more people with my knowledge and passion.


Group Seminars

I give both online and local group classes to help people recognize their full potential in their life and their health – whether it is recovering from fatigue, balancing hormones or moods, improving sleep, sports nutrition, or nourishing a healthy brain – I have an upcoming class for you!

Transitional Hormone Balancing

Supporting optimum hormone balance throughout all stages of life has been a passion for me throughout my career – whether for fertility, postpartum, menopause or teens. There are so many women in the dark about their treatment options and choices, and there is a lot natural medicine can do so that you don’t have to suffer through days every month with pain, headaches, mood swings, acne and other issues.

1-on-1 personalized consultations

If you are looking for more individualized recommendations on how to improve your health, or want to hear about our offering of functional labs, you can schedule an online consultation with me to get a unique plan designed just for you

Community Talks

Working with local sports teams, schools, new mom’s groups, and other healthcare facilities like yoga studios and gyms is my way of giving back to my community, and I am available for complimentary sessions on nutrition or general health Q&A – contact me about setting up a free local or web meeting for your small group

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